>If there are multiple and/or conflicting legends, do we get to pick the "real story"?


>How "modern," are we allowed to make servants?

Limit is 200 years ie. 1800 or before.

>Are we limited to the servants from that war, or can we get different ones?

You have to make your own Servant, the only restriction is you can't use any of the servant from the novels or other Fate stories.

>Also, is it every man for himself, or teaming up to defeat a great evil? Are we given the option of going solo, if the latter?

It's free for all, there is no main villain. there will be 7 pairs of Masters and Servants that will randomly pair off, but if you want you can go to other masters or get new servants and back stab each other.

>Do we get to pick between being a master and a servant?

Yes you can pick which one you want.

>How do command spells factor in?

Servants do have free-will, but if you use your command seal you can force your servants to do anything action or perform miracles such as healing or teleporting.

>Have you accounted for the ability to kill another master and take his servant?

Yes that is allowed.

>What happens if I use up all of my command spells?

You lose the the ability to use them to command your servant, but you 2 can still work together if yo wish or you can find a new Servant/Master

>Also, shouldn't Bahsahkah be played by his/her master?

Actually Berserk will be played by the GM, since it wouldn't be fun to play a person you can't control.

>Does everyone know who everyone is summoning, or is it a secret from everyone that's not the servant? Can the servant withhold the information from the master?

No one knows who the other masters or servants are, and if you wish you can withhold information.

>Limit on Noble Phantasms?

Each servant gets 2 free noble phantasms and you must spend points to get more.